UNIV 102

I was given the opportunity to interveiw my father, who gave great insight on life and persuing a career.

univ 201 family interview assignment

I interviewed my mom, Kathy. This is my family interview for my univ 201 assignment.


Talked of careers, what brought her to them, and how they’ve changed throughout her life.

Interviewing Chris
September 24, 2019 App Interview

I talked to my half brother about what it was like to grow up with a parent that is not related by blood. We also talked about his current interests in travel and his career.

Thomas, F. Nell – Dupree, Gerry mby019186
September 16, 2019 MobileBooth West (MBY)

Gerry Dupree (60) and his mother, Nell Thomas (79), reflect on their family, recalling memories of the house in which they both grew up, the love they gave and received, and the distance that’s come between their loved ones recently.

A Brief Q&A with Mitch Pinion

This is an interview between myself and Mitch. Talking about influential people in his life and how that shaped his choice in career.

Oral History Project (4th Period)

This interview is for an Oral History Project for my Creative Writing class. I am recording this interview in Miami, Florida for Saint Brendan High School. In this interview with my dad, Jose Cisneros, I dive into topics such as...

Always look at the bright side of life

Mike and Supha talking about growing up in different countries, how they met and where Mike’s career taken them

Dad Part 2: Peace Corps, career, and Parenting

Day 2 of 4 day motorcycle trip with my Dad. We talked about his time in the Peace Corps, meeting my mother, his career and parenting.

Tony Bancroft

Tony Bancroft, a Marine fighter pilot, talked to our history campers about his military experiences.

Kareem Mohammed

Kareem has grown up with his parents owning a daycare. He talks about how this experience impacts his life.


In this interview we talked about career and basketball and things that make us the happiest.

My Australian Friend

This is an interview on my friend wesely who is from Australia and he talks about his life and career here in the United States.

Carlos Arante – A Nursing Student in William Patterson

In this interview, I talk to my brother (and his girlfriend) about his experiences as an undergrad student and what advice he would give to himself on his career, friendships, and education.