Education Interview

In this interview, I talked with Emma Peterson about her views on education.

Educational interview

In this interview I talk to Emma Peterson about her views and experience on education.

Interview with Chelsia

An interview with my good friend, Chelsia talking about her past work life and current career path.

Catholic education with my grandfather

In this interview, I discuss with my grandfather what catholic school was like when he was in high school, and what it was like teaching in the inner city.

Paige Dean’s Interview of Principal Burke (PIWA)

Paige interviewed her HS Principal about a wide range of topics related to education.

Immigrating to the United States from India

The immigration process from India to the United States as a student was generally positive, and my dad hopes that it stays that way for immigrants now and for the future. I asked about his view on policies, advice for...

The Experience of One Chinese American Immigrant

In this interview, Brandon Guo interviews his immigrant mother Sian She regarding her life experiences. Beginning with growing up in China and being taught by her staunchly anti-communist father and transitioning to her experiences and recollections in the US, this...

Mauro J. Zap life interview

In this interview, I ask my father questions about his childhood, his struggles, his successes, and advice for life.

My mom

Today I interviewed my mom. I was in Ohio the ENTIRE spring break so I did this project this week!

Scottie, Rostell, & Queen Tylerite Interview

This interview covers the impact of my grandparents have had on Tyler, Texas.

English Interview

This interview focused on what life is like as an educator, and what has brought Mr.Cobb into this profession.

Terry Brimhall and How Brim’s Chips was started

Terry Brimhall grew up do different jobs, and these jobs then led to him starting his own company. He also valued education and through his college career was able to back his company.

Joseph Cooper and The Wooden-esque approach to education

An interview with Mr. Cooper, teacher and coach, about the current state of education and his personal approach to teaching.

Access to education- perspective from a school guidance counselor

Interview with guidance counselor from Manatee County School Bord on equal educational opportunities for children in the school system.

Travis Martin, teacher at Enloe High School in Raleigh, NC.

We talked about Mr. Martin’s education and how he got into teaching others.