My Mother’s Military Experience

My mother explained how joining the military has shaped her character.

On growing and maturing

I, Paula, interview my mom, Maria, in a short recalling of her life and what she’s learned growing older. We talk about her house life with 3 siblings, her transition from college to high school, and what she’s enjoyed and...

Christian interviewing Jordan

Talks about how his mom is a key factor in his life

Andrea Andrews’s Dallas, Tx) Everyday Character Hero

I interviewed my wife to find out the person in her life who most helped influence her character.

Aby Lindblom and her father Mark Lindblom share stories and advice

This interview was conducted in Mckinney, Texas on November 25, 2017. Aby Lindblom talks with her father Mark Lindblom about his life and some lessons he has learned. Mr.Lindblom talks about his childhood, the freedom he was given and what...