freshman roommates and best pals :-)

What life is like at Point Loma, what the life of Hana is like, Christian faith, mixed race, and college living

Roommate interview

We talked about life and memories and how things affect who we are today.

Dalton Ryan Interview COM100 by Ryan Norris

Dalton Ryan shares some past stories that all helped push him to where he is today.

Com100 interview

Talk about life with Kelly Hatcher.

An Interview With My Sister part 1

We talk about our shared experiences growing up, adopting our brother, going to high school, and college. Please excuse the ending, where the app glitches.

Aubs and Rach Freshman Year

Aubrey and Rachel talking about their friendship over the sound of dryers in the Klassen laundry room.

Let’s Talk About How We Knew This Friendship Would Last a Lifetime

Today we talked about a challenge in the lives of two best friends and how that brought them and others together.

Com100 Interview with my Nana

What life was like for my nana and advice.

COM100: Daniel Krause

Daniel’s life after his father’s passing, present joys and fears, and relationships

Benjamin and Catherine DeHaan- Story of Immigration. COM100

COM100- reliving the Cathrine DeHaan’s childhood growing up as an immigrant.

Interview with my hall mate. Point Loma Nazarene University.

A quick interview with one of my friends here at Point Loma Nazarene university. We are very good friends, and he is a genuinely nice and caring person who I’ve come to care for very much in the past several...

That PLNU Life- Just a Roommate Interviewing a Roommate.

Let’s talk about you Steven. We’re roommates. I know you’re wise and loving. Tell me about your life, and I’ll tell the world about how wide it is.

Life Lessons

Life Lessons about a college guy

The One Who I Call My Sister COM100

In this interview, I got the chance to get to know my favorite person a little better.

Interview – COM 100

We talked about life and what it’s like to be alive. We also also talked about relationships

Everything’s Coming Up Ted

Ted Shank, university professor, director, and playwright, sits down with friend Sara Ah Sing and discusses life and experiences. Interview conducted on 4/24/18 in San Diego, California.

Shelby Spainhour Comm100 interview

We talked about how we met, favorite parts about our jobs, our passions, and our future.

Natalie Timms

A discussion of some of Natalie’s likes and characteristics.

The journey to happily ever after

My ex and I talked about our previous two and a half year relationship and what happens now. We talked about growth and moving forward by learning from the past.

The Life and Times Of Maybelle

This is an interview of Amara asking her grandma about her life.