Martin Pawlik (32) speaks with his fiancé Diana Yepez (31) about his childhood, their relationship and the time spent deployed in Kuwait and Afghanistan.


Tom McMurtry (64) talks to his wife Jean Holly McMurtry (64) about being in the Green Berets Special Forces, his deployment to Iraq, their marriage and how it was impacted by his military service, his faith, and his perspectives on...

Randy Ware

Randy served in the Navy as an IT specialist for 22 years and, for a 2 year period, was the only person in the entire Navy able to troubleshoot and resolve issues with aviation maintenance software. Ironically, his skills in...

Interview with Tom

In 20 questions I inquired about Tom’s childhood and military experiences.

Captain Barnes

I asked my dad a few questions about him and his life.

Evelyn Barnett asks her Papa Richard Harless about what it was like being in the military and how he met her Nana. Pt 3

I ask my Papa about his how he met my Nana and his time in the Military. The Interview took place in Oxford Mississippi over the phone. The Interview took place on Saturday the 24th and 8:00 am. I interviewed...

Military Family

Gabby Germann (16) of Egg Harbor Township, NJ speaks with her father, James Germann (47) about his military service on November 24, 2018. In this interview they begin by discussing James background with the military. It then goes on to...

a mom & daughters love

We talked about my childhood experiences this far, our love for people in our family, and hardships we have overcome.

Interview with my husband, Brad Lones by Monica Lones

This interview was an attempt to continue learning about my husband, even after being married for 10 years; that I would be able to learn more about the person he is and has become through a recommitment to listen more.

Get to know Carly Vohs!

This is about Carly and her experience in the military as well as her personal life

Triip to vegas

Road to vegas… where we get to know each other a lil better