On a Fourteenth

In this interview, conducted in January 2019 in York, Maine, Cary Drake (13) interviews Steve Brice (her Grandfather age 71) about his family, career, and childhood. In this interview Brice talks about how Drake’s mom painted their dog, how singing...

Paige Munsey & Steve Allen – Courage Interview

Steve Allen, raised in California, but moved to Vancouver, WA talks about his experience being an EMT and police officer.

An EMT on Night Shift

An interview with Kalie Shockney (17) and Dane Householder (22). In this interview, Dane goes into further detail about what it’s like to be a night shift EMT, such as what they particularly do and why.

Amalie Svanholm – EMT

Amalie describes her experience as an EMT in Manchester NH

A walk into the past with my grandmother

The interview was conducted in my living room. We disscussed what it was like for her growing up with 5 kids in her family in a small town in a rural area. What games she liked to play, what she...