journeytothe USA

would you describe your journey in a simple way.

Elizabeth Marie

My sister was raped when she was 16.

My mom and I talk about how she forgot me in kindergarten because of addiction

We talked about the time that my mo had forgotten me in kindergarten. Also how she has changed for the better.

Garrett and Cj recall an early childhood accident

We talk about the time when we went biking and he fell and hurt himself and I left him to get help

What has affected her life?
February 19, 2019 App Interview

She talks about how she lost her sister when she was a kid. People that have inspired her. How things have been tough for her and how she has grown some.

Jack’s Interview

Interview of Jack telling his story of coming out to the world

Doctor Interview

#Eng100MWSU Taylor Dietzman interviews Doctor Carder

Interview with Liz

The interview with Liz who currently working in the FSQA Department as a The Director of The Department.

Austin Rueschhoff’s career

The hard and ever changing life of a hockey player.

The Great Litvinski

Coach Litvinski’s childhood wasn’t the best, but he still made amazing memories.