Family interview

We talked about the upbringing of her family, and how it was growing up.

Learning not to take life for granted

An aunt and a nephew talking about how their life experiences taught them not to take anything for granted.

Sherwin Cohrs

Sherwin Cohrs was born in West Brook, Minnesota in 1935. He lived in West Brook until he enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1957. When he got out of the Marine Corps he started working in construction and started a...

Interview with My Grandma: Buisnesswoman and Immigrant

Interview with my Grandma Susan Chen: immigrant, businesswoman, teacher

BVHS 2019 Summer Interview Project

My Oupa like his parents was born in South Africa. He grew up during the apartheid era. The love of his life was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was left disabled due to errors made at the hospital. His...

“The hardest person to come out to was myself” Siobhan and Erin interview Anne and Mary

Anne and Mary have been married 30 years. Their niece Siobhan and her wife Erin interview them about their journey coming out to themselves and their families and building their lives together.

GrandPapa_June 2019

I talked to my grandfather on June 10, 2019. My grandfather is my mother’s father, and he is 89 years old. My papa shared about his life experiences and fun memories.

Aaron Win StoryCorps APUSH 2

Interviewing my aunt who has been in my life and have taken care of me upon arrival of my parents in the US


We talked lots about the importance of family and the impact its had on the both of us. More specifically the influence of older parents and their commitment to us despite hardship.

Cesar’s interview

I asked my uncle questions about his life and other questions and thoughts about me.


This is talk about Xinyang(Carmen)’ s family and the first time she felt alone.

Nanny 21 May 2019

My great aunt Nanny, adopted by my grandfather’s family during WWII, shares her thoughts and memories about that time and her life.

Interview with Dad

The interview focused on life lessons, accomplishments, and wishes for the future.