In this interview, me and my mother talked about my future plans for college and what I would like to pursue in my future.


That is a interview that I did to my dad that he said what he thinks that I am going to college….

AVID Fall Semester Final

My parents and I talked about college like how far they are willing to let me go study and what their thoughts are about college and about me leaving.

Class of 2020,Falcons,Cozens Dayton Echegoyen

A conversation with my mother on my expectations for university as well as her own thoughts on me going to university.

AVID Final

Brian and his AVID tutor Juan ask each other questions and answer them for Brian’s AVID Final.

Facts about our life

It’s was talked about our life and what we would like to remember about it

AVID Family Interview

Carlos and his AVID tutor Juan ask each other questions for Carlos’s final.

College interview

Talked to my mom about how she felt about me going to college and what she excepts me to do.

AVID Final Interview

Student, Sergio Nava, and AVID tutor answer a few questions for Sergio’s AVID final.

AVID Family Interview :)

Interview with Hector Nava and Sindy Gomez (Cousin) about many different things. Love, Family, and many other things. Hope you enjoy.

Interviewing Mama

Today I got the opportunity to ask mama questions about me attending college. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, and we loved.

“My 2 cents”

A lack of communication breeds assumptions of what the other is thinking or feeling; and assumptions are, more often than not, incorrect.

Interviewing Lauro

Today I interviewed Lauro and we spoke about college and all of his concerns, desires, and dreams for me.