Lynn Brenner Part III

I interviewed Lynn about her childhood home in Paterson, NJ and other homes and significant experiences.

Melissa Bergstedt and n/a

This is an interview where I asked my mom some questions about her life so I could understand her life growing up and see what lessons she learned when she was my age.

JP Interview

JP’s life in Mexico and United States

world history project

this interview is with me and my grandma we talk about her life as a child and now

Grandma’s funniest stories

I asked 12 questions about the most funny and positive things in my Grandma’s life. She told funny stories of her childhood and her life as an adult.

Talking to my dad Walter Kearns, Jr about family life

My talk with dad, at 96 with early dementia, sharing a few of the memories he still has access to. We are in the kitchen of his home near LA where he has lived for the past 54 years.

Jeannette Garcia’s (mom) interview

Today I spoke about how my mom and her family made her new life in the United States. Her struggles, motivations, and role models who have been there for her.

The Story of Frances Elliot

We mostly spoke about her childhood. We spoke about her favorite memories and her rough times, but she always ended the stories with her amazing positive attitude.

A Baby Boomer’s Life

Life in the 21st century (2018) from the perspective of a married couple born in the 50’s.

Interview with my japanese immigrant grandma

I asked my grandma questions that would be answered by memory from over 50 years ago, when life was different in America and for the Japanese

US History

Podsxast with Thomas Jefferson

Colleen Flood interviewing her mother, Marianne Flood, about her life as a child.

My mother and I discussed what her life was like growing up as a child. She told me about some of the opportunities she had and some of her favorite memories.

Interview with Dad Jeff Markowitz

Spoke with my dad about his early life and the future of all of our lives