Father and son sit down

Interview with my father about his thoughts and his upbringing.

The Best of Bruce (Full Interview)

Bruce, my step-dad, and I discuss some life lessons, experiences, and obstacles as a father with lots to share.

Robert Santiago interview

My father discussed his sources of motivation. He also described how it feels to be a father.

Kiddo’s 10-year-old adventure

On his ten-year-old adventure my son Isaiah and I talk about what his happiest memories are and what he’s most thankful for.

Interview with Dad – Amra Seferovic

We briefly talked about his life and what it was like. We also talked about his experiences and how he has learned from them. The person in the picture is my brother, Amar (18).

Interview with Dad

An interview of my father and I discussing his memories of me, and his memories of his own life.

My dad and I and I

We basically had the hardest time ever about a year ago with my leaving my moms house and moving in with my dad. We clashed a couple of times which lead into some fights I never want to hear or...

Thatha pt 1

This interview is about my late grandpa in the words of his son

Perisa gratitude Fromm

We talked about what my father is thankful for and his childhood