Becoming a Father: Thoughts From Mr. Carlin

We discussed what it was like becoming a father for the first time.

My dad

Me interviewing my father about his life

A Talk with Papi

We talked about him. His life, proudest moments, rough spots; everything that shaped him.

Interview with my Father

Here is an interview with my father regarding his childhood, his job, his views, etc.

Oral History Report

My father and I talked about his life and development while also discussing my future.

Dani Faltraco interviews her father Peter Faltraco about growing up, raising a family, and a few things in between.

On January 5, 2020, Danielle Faltraco (16) interviewed her father Peter. They talk about his childhood in Belleville, NJ, working at a car dealership, and being a father and granddad. He talks about some of his old hobbies such as...

Dad and Ciarra

We talked about my childhood. We also talked about how different me and my little sister are.

One Guy’s Journey through Cancer

My father and I discussed his journey through cancer, his life and death.


We talked about my dad growing up, and how life was like in his home town. We also talked about how I was like as a baby and growing up.

Andrew Campbell V1

Andrew campbell is a accomplished engineer that had spent his career working with some of the best in his industry, Today I am lucky enough to interview him and learn more about my dad and what made him who he...

interviewing my dad

just a brief interview on my dads view on stuff and his childhood/ family.

Interview With My Dad

My father wants to be remembered as a good family man and wishes the best for his family

Single Fathers vs The State of Maryland

This a social injustice that has been lingering sometime throughout my peer group and community and I feel the need to take steps by bringing it to light. Featuring a good friend of my Roan Ottey.

Interesting Life of Grandfather

My interview was with Frank Salvi who is my grandfather. This was taken place at my grandfather’s house in Leominster, Massachusetts. Frankie Salvi interviews his grandfather talking about what his life was like and how that impacted him. This was...

Interview with My Dad (1)

We talked about my dad’s life and his relationship with my mother.

Youssouf and Farah

I was interviewing my dad about his life and how he grow up

My Father’s Thoughts

Hayley Lin interviews her father, Mark Lin, and asks him about his thoughts on himself and her. They talked about topics that they would never bring up.

Th Great Thanksgiving Listen-Brandon Singh & Roger Singh

In this interview, Conducted on December 1st, 2019 In Chicago,IL, Brandon Singh(18) interviews his loving father, Roger Singh(51) about what his life is today, and what has made him who he is. Remembering his favorite childhood memory of basketball, when...

Love Unlike Any Other…

Sunday, December 1st, 2019 in New Albany, IN. An insight of what is it like being a parent and the magic of what having children is like. Alex Ryan shares about the birth of his son, how much he loves...

The Past and The Present

My father is talking about his past with me. We also talk about the people closest to him and how they influenced him