Jakob Brody and Tanner Stephens

Tanner Stephens interviews Jakob Brody. They touch on the power of humor, lessons learned from work, and personal growth.

Interview with James Himan

I interviewed my dad about many personal things like his childhood, friends and family.

Simran Sharma

I asked my dear friend Simran about herself to get a better view of who she is as a person.

FLE 400

I conducted a interview with Alex Mays. We discussed about several different topics, such as life, friends, and work.

A Thoughtful Friend- An Interview with Emily Ojeda

Learning a lot about a close friend and getting to know more about her views and thoughts on past experiences


Interpersonal Communication Interview with Bri

A New Beginning Part 2

This is my second interview with Kobe Walker. I ask him about his college experience, how it’s been adjusting to the college life, and how he feels about loans.


A person interviews their friend.

A New Beginning

My name is Kobé Tanner and I’m interviewing my roommate Kobe Walker. This interview is about college and his experience during this first month of classes.

PJ and Linda

Linda McGroom shares a story of care about her daughter and why her church is important to her.

Interview with Kelly

My friend and I discussed various questions for my English class.

Social Media in 2019

Arthur is talks about how social media is affecting this generation in 2019

Me and the Boys
September 10, 2019 App Interview

I ask my friend Jake what he is happy and proud of.

You trying to hoop?

I interview my friend Lewis Holley about the experience of Eagle Camp, and how our friend group.

First Day Partner StoryCorps with Bri and Ryan

Ryan and Bri talk about college, why we chose NAU and favorite moments so far.

COM110 StoryCorps interview

I have a friend named Dhruv. This interview helped us learn more about each other and brought us even closer together.