Natalie Thomas and Rita Thomas

Talking to my mom about the gender roles that she was surrounded by when she was growing up, and if she thinks that those same gender roles impacted me.

Being Transgender In Today’s Society

My best friend Lyle has been transitioning from female to male over the past 3 months, so i thought I’d ask him a few questions regarding what it’s like to be trans in our generation.

Ariel and Emma November 2018

Today in our interview we discussed topics such as gender, sexuality, and how these topics are portrayed through politics and the media.

Chloe and NJ October 2018

I had interview with NJ about gender, religion and feminism

Women’s voices interview

Interview of Emily about family, gender, and sex ed

Story Corp Interview About Gender
September 20, 2018 App Interview

The differences between men and women were highlighted and talked about from the viewpoint of Willie Rice Jr.

Gender and Religion: Our Story

Our conversation revolves around religion, what it means to be masculine/feminine, and living in the blurred section between the two.

Timothy and Tabitha

I interviewed a great friend aboyt his life and how he has bcome who he is.

Listening to Daijah

In this interview, we discussed a variety of topics. From gender identity to personal experiences, here is Daijah’s story.

Interview with Kaela

We will cover the topics of gender indentity, everyday sexism, body image, women in the workplace, and our experiences with all of those topics.

Interview on Race, Gender, and Sexuality

Interviewing a friend for my Women’s Voices class. Includes discussion related to gender, sexuality, and Native American background.

Redefining the Norm

Clay Stevens was a freshman in high school when he began wearing makeup as a way to express himself and feel more confident. In this interview he explains what sparked his interest, the reaction of those around him, and how...

Ally Tiryakioglu & Arson Nicki

Arson Nicki and I talked about gender, drag, childhood, and her life as whole.