All About Ms.Sims
February 13, 2019 App Interview

My lovely neighbor Ms.Sims talks about her life experiences and shares some wisdom.

Growing up and Living life with Eric Sassower

This interview is between me and my father. I am Josh Sassower interviewing Eric Sassower in Los Angeles, CA. I am 15 years of age and my father is 46. You will hear a variety of questions in this interview,...

How Did You Live
November 30, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, I talked to my grandfather about how life was for him back in his home country of Burma.

Interview with Alala

I interviewed my grandma and learned many things about her life and her story.

Words of Wisdom From Granny

In this interview, I asked my grandma some personal questions that helped me understand her and our family better.

The Great Thanksgiving homework assignment

We talked about general topics about her growing up, going to school, her favorite things, etc

Understanding Points from the past

I’m this Interview, conducted in Novemeber 25th 2018 in San Pedro, California, Sasha Plescia(14) interviews her cousin Kaden Marsee (13) and they talked about, how different things, that could have affected are life now like, regrets, bad decisions etc.. Also,...

Jailene and Eneida Sanchez, her grandma talk about her childhood days growing up in Puerto Rico.

In this interview recorded in Chicago, Illinois, Jailene Ortiz interviews her grandma, Eneida Sanchez about her childhood growing up in Puerto Rico. She shares her struggles she encountered living on an island with her parents not only providing for her...

Small Convo with Grandma
November 26, 2018 App Interview

Paige has a small talk with her Grandma (Evelyn) about life, and the old days.

Pranaya Dangol ask his grandpa Astalal Shrestha about his childhood.

This interview was performed on November 24 2018 between me and my grandpa Astalal. I start the conversation by asking my grandpa about his childhood. My grandpa answered by sharing stories about how he used to play a lot of...

Jacob Lorimier and his grandpa Don Lorimier talking about his life

Jacob Lorimier(15) interviews his grandpa Don Lorimier(67) on November 22, 2018 about his life as a kid. Also who were influential people in his life, such as his dad and a store manager he worked under.

Michael and Granny

So I interviewed my grandmother Pat on Thanksgiving 2018 and we talked about her long loving life of her and her family so far. One of the questions I asked her was What was your favorite holiday? And so she...