The Past, the Present, and the Future

While I was interviewing Veronica Cruz I asked questions about her past, the present, and also her hopes for the future. She talked about her childhood, family, and also her choices.

Father and Daughter

My father and I talked about the good and hard times that occurred in our life time. We also talked about what we hope for in the future.

Lost puppy

We bought a dog for my birthday. We were so happy. But then it eventually ran away through the back gate. After 3 weeks we found our dog filled with fleas and knots.

Julie Rolph talks about how her faith has deeply impacted her life

This interview was conducted on April 22, 2019. Hallie Rolph(18) has a conversation with her mother Julie (54) about religion and how it has impacted her life. Julie talks about how God has given her strength and helped her realize...

Annie Fels

A great interview. I learned a lot and enjoyed it.

A New Face in the White House

My partner and I discussed about the presidency of Barack Obama and how it affected the world.

Never give up on your hopes and dreams

In this interview I sat down with my grandmother and I briefly talked about her life and what she thinks of me and some happy memories.

Moving to America

Have you ever moved? Across states? Countries? Continents? My grandma has. I am Alyssa Bojenkova and I interviewed Genny Saitova. I am 14 and she is 76. At 1:30 my grandma begins to talk abot ber childhood pet, my favourite...

Grandma Final

we talked about her history and exciting moments that occur during her life time.

How the times have changed

I took a little time to interview my mom, Maria, and just talk about her life and how she grew up. We discuss movement in life and how times have changed since she was born.

Beating Cancer

A married couple’s life before and after surviving cancer.

Today for You Tomorrow for Me

In today’s society people are celebrating LGBTQ people with parades and festivals, rather than spreading hatred towards them, but this wasn’t always the case. In November of 2018, 14 year old Sofia Brandon-Schwartz interviewed her father, Carlo Brandon to learn...

Life Lessons with Carlo and Rishi.

Skimming over some major topics in life with my close friend. p.s this was all recorded over phone though of doing some creative.

Home (Ireland) to the great “Land of Opportunity”

Nora Collins visited her aunt, Marian this Thanksgiving in Mountain Home Arkansas. In this interview conducted on November 23, 2018, they discussed Marian and her family’s immigration story to the New York City area from rural Kerry, Ireland. They also...

Virtue Ethics

Talking to my dad about this unit in theology

My mother, Ruqia Jeylani

This was an interview with my mother Ruqia Jeylani. She is to me one of the greatest people I know. She’s been through so much at such a young age. From the death of her father at age 13 to...

Parenting Memories

My mom and I talked about my early childhood and some of her favorite memories of me growing up. She also talked about what she hopes for me in the future

Parenting Memories

My Mom and I talked about my early childhood and some of the memories that affected her the most. We also talked about what she hopes for me in the future

Interview With my Mom

We discussed primarily what was important to my mom in her life and many of her outlooks on life.

Pablo Lopez Interview

This interview went quickly and smoothly

A courageous journey from the Ukraine to US citizenship

Rada Oakley is a successful IT professional in NC where she lives with her husband and two young girls. Rada came to the US as an exchange student from the Ukraine and lived with Bernie and Sondra Edwards in Boone,...

Depression is treatable.
October 26, 2018 App Interview

This is my story of how I treated my depression and what helped the most.