Thanksgiving interview with Gloria Rothenberger

We talked about when she was younger and some of her favorite memories of when she was younger and now

Mark Smith’s Challenging Childhood and Profound Career

In this interview Brodie Young-Smith interviews his father, Mark Smith. On November 27, 2018 14 year old Brodie interviews his father and asks him about many significant things in his life including his childhood and his professional career. In the...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandma aka Ariya Prasith does the great thanksgiving interview , she speaks about growing up and how life was and what she did in life and what life taught her

Attitude of Grattitude Zhou

Yikun, a middle schoiler, interviews his mom about her life and what she is thankful for.

Thanksgiving interview

Over thanksgiving break I got the opportunity to interview my grandfather. I have never been extremely close to him and this interview gave me a chance to really connect with him. I’m extremely grateful that I got this opportunity. Here...

Interview with my uncle, Hamed.
December 1, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my uncle, which I haven’t spoken to in a while. I asked him questions that I have never thought about before, which made me curious.

Giving Thanks Interview

I interview my aunt Kathy about things that have happened throughout her life.

The Great Listen: Aurora Arreola

Today I talked with Aurora about her life, friends, family, and home. I asked roughly eight questions.

Interviewing Ines Muñoz

In this interview we talked a little about how my grandmas life was before and how her childhood was

Interview with Miriama Stefanova

Miriama Stefanova my mother talks about her life as a kid and people who influenced her in this 4 question interview.

Interview with Monica Favela

I interviewed my mom and we talked about the future and the past in this 8 question interview. For example, I asked what she would want to say to future generations.

Interview With My Father
November 27, 2017 App Interview

We talked about my dad’s childhood and the way he would like to be remembered in this 10 question interview. This was one of my favorite interviews and I will cherish it forever.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

An 8 question interview with Marc Potter. It was not so brief, but funny at times.

My interview with my Grandpa Jose

This was a 8 question interview talked about his life the ups and downs he had.

Eustolia Contreras

In this interview was a 8 question interview were we talked about my grandmas childhood.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this 8 question interview I talk about my mother’s past experiences. I also ask her about cherisable things about life.