The First Gulf War

A discussion with my father about what his memories of the First Gulf War were.

mother and daughter talk about the Iraqi depression
November 26, 2018 App Interview

The Iraqi depression impacted the lives of everyone in my mother’s daily life. I decided to sit down with her to talk about the continuity of the problems that arose during the depression.

Interview with Abdulsalam Younis

In this interview, Abdulsalam Younis gives a brief talk about his youth in Iraq and why he moved to the United States with his family.

Duane Topping & Jamie Topping

“So much of the world is just noise. And for me, it is that noise that brings the anxiety.” Duane Topping served three tours in Iraq. Coming home, he suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but found comfort from an unexpected...

Gabby interviewing her aunt Sally

My aunt Sally talked about her life and what it was like living in two countries

Lily’s Interview With my Amazing Grandpa

When I was interviewing my grandfather, we went over his life. We talked about his imagration process, his family, his buisness and his overall life.

Great Thanksgiving Listen of 2017

In this interview I will be interviewing my grandmother about her childhood, teens, and how she immigrated to US

Ali al mashhadi and his mother bassima idris talk about his mother’s life and her experiences

In this interview conducted by Ali al mashhadi (15) interviews his mother bassima Idris (46) about her childhood and how she was able to leave her home country for the purpose of her sons.In this interview bassima shows how caring...

Sweet Advice from Joe and Ann George

Joe and Ann stressed the importance of faith and they also expressed their advice on how to raise kids. They also talked a little about their experience from immigrating here to the US from Iraq. #ASHStoryCorps2017 #TheGreatThanksgivingListen