An american view of Japanese culture

Andrew describes his views of japanese culture and his experiences about barriers and conflicts.

Asuka has expressed individuality with different hair cuts and hair styles to reject societal standards.

A Japanese American artist and teacher, Asuka tells about how her has expressed different aspects of her identity over the years, her relationships with her mother and grandma, and where she found her braided hair style.

Kotaro & Sandra's Ethnographic Interview

For our ethnographic interview Kotaro and I talked about the food and time in our lives and our culture. Enjoy!

Global Arizona

Leia Pisor, a global citizen and student at ASU, discusses her life experiences and opinions on thinking globally.

Life in Japan After WW2

Interview with my grandmother about her life in Japan after WW2.

Interview with papa

In this interview I asked questions about what my papas life was like during japan and America’s feud. He told me what his descisions where that shaped the life he now lives .

Me and my grandpa

My grandpa tells me about his life in the navy and other places.

Interviewing Ailly Chua

My friend Ailly tells me about her experience moving back and forth from Japan to the United States.

Betty Poe Interviewed By Weston Poe

I asked my grandmother about her life. She is 87 years old, so she had a lot to talk about, such as working on a tobacco farm, going to Japan with my grandfather for the Air Force, and her childhood...

Kate Parambo interviewing Joe Parambo about his childhood and job.

Joe Parambo talks about his life as a kid and how it was different for him. He also talks about his job and how hard work payed off for him.

In Your Own Words with Pele Voncujovi

Originally a celebration of Black History Month, February 2018, Middlebury College’s Davis Family Library has initiated a series of oral interviews, “In Your Own Words.” In them, Literatures & Cultures Librarian Katrina Spencer engages members of the community who trace...

Interviewing my mom in Tokyo, by James

I’m James, I’m in Tokyo, and I interviewed my mom to know more about the old times and what they do at school from my mom, I also asked some questions and my mom give me opinions, and I learned...

Interview about Jobs, Childhood, and Capitalism, by Geonmoo

I interviewed Ms.Lizzie In a school called aoba international school in the small room that is in between drama room and music room. I interviewed her about capitalism, Childhood, her dream on the past, and about jobs. I didn’t asked...

Interview About Ms. Emi’s Childhood and Her Teaching Science, by Ira

On monday morning recess, I interviewed Ms. Emi about her childhood and about her teaching science. She told me that she was playing outdoors with her sister all the time. Her school was in Malaysia and it was a small...

David Barnard – Watson Fellowship

David Barnard talk about his experience receiving the Watson Fellowship and how that impacted his life.

Cait Sammons

Colin talks to Cait about the time she spend overseas in Japan while her father was stationed there.