Me & Mom

Mom & I talked about some of her proudest memories and what makes her her.

Kindness and Gratitude

9.5 year old Russ recalls moments of kindness and reasons for gratitude as well as well as where he sees himself in 10 years. He is interviewed by his mom.

Ordinary acts of kindness

Talking about positivity affecting someone’s outlook on life and how they see themsleves

Memere and Pepere- heart of kindness

My 13 year old daughter Annabella interviews her great Memere and Pepere and chooses questions to ask about acts of kindness, and what they are grateful for.

The history of my dad

In this interview conducted in Lafayette Colorado on May 20th, 2019, Annabel Stewart interviews her dad about the impacts of growing up in bible-belt Texas and a sheltered political climate. His small high school and limited social circles influenced the...

Emily Lohman Interview with Alfonso Garcia

In this interview we talked about kindness and other things such as family

Ryan’s Interview with Xadius

He told me who is nice and why they are nice, what he is grateful for, and wisdom to pass on to his great grandchildren.

Mackenzie interview #1

Lots about Mackenzie’s family, their influences on her, and some of her most important life lessons

Interviewing A Hero

This project gave me a chance to understand something my father went through during his deployment to a war zone

Always Together Part One

Me and my aunt talk about kindness empathy and forgiveness

Always Together Part Two

Me and my aunt talk about kindness, empathy, and forgiveness

Dora EE

How she felt growing up, and what kindness means to her.

Emeshe Amadé – Women’s Story

A recent college graduate reflects on her journey from a small farm outside of Memphis, Tennessee, to Chicago, to Colorado.

Robin Hayes

Interview with dad a few days before his hip surgery. Life, love, art.