Mother and Daughter Talk

This interview is about a daughter asking some questions she’s curious about to her mother. It talks about the mothers childhood and family. It also talks about a happy moment the mother has experienced and things she likes doing. Finally...

Theatre Project – Melissa Montgomery

In this interview, we talk about many important factors of life including work, family, friends, accomplishments, and memories.

Alex King Historian Recording

My mom and I talk about various experiences throughout her life and career. We discuss how these things have changed her point of view on many topics on her life journey.


Talking to her about her past life and her present.

My Grammy and I look back on her life and her accomplishments

This interview is private.

Assignment 1

Shaping factors in my interviewee’s life, what she is proud of, etc.

The life of Jared Mandrell

In this interview, we take a deep dive into finding out who Jared Mandrell is and his aspects on life.

Kylie Interview

summary of childhood and growing up

StoryCorps Assignment

I interview my roommate Ashley, we are both second year Business Majors at Cal Poly. Me and my roommate talk about who’s inspired her, the bad experiences that have shaped her life, and how she hopes to be remembered.

Socialization: Julia Reddy and Cole Ross

In this interview, we explored how different life events have impacted individual growth. We discuss the importance of our surroundings in determining the people we become over time.

SOC 110 StoryCorps Assignment

This is an interview with Mackenzie Ludlam about her biggest influence and life growing up.

Interview with my roommate Emma!

Emma shares her story of her friend Natalie and how she was honored


This was an interview with my grandmother giving her a chance to capture herself in a short video for future generations.

Interview with Bianca

We talked about some important people in her life and her perception on life and death.

Soc 110

I am interviewing my roommate, Karen about her life and religious views.

Lessons learned from life's well lived

My mother, April Dean, accounts the lasting impacts of her mother, Marjorie, and her passing and life itself. This is the second take because the first did not record.

Sociology: Theme of Death

Begins off with speaking about the death of Kobe Bryant. Then we speak about what we can learn from death, how we perceive it and what does remembrance means today.

Stories of Stu

This is my roommate and good friend since the start of college. Here are some of his stories growing up and thoughts on where the story of his life is leading him.

StoryCorps interview SOC 110

I interviewed my roommate and dear friend Oliver Cazden. During the interview we discussed his relationship to his older brother Craig’s death and it’s impact upon him.