Jasmine Dean

The summary is that we talked about Jasmines life of the questions I have picked for her to answer.

Don Landis Home Interview

amazing interview about life, espieriences

About our Life

Question about her life. For example what is the most important day in her life or the bad.

Grandma’s Story

We talked about my grandma’s past history with her life, my dad, her husband, and me. It was a great and emotional interview for both me and her

Sunshine Cuny interviewed by Jaden Kott: StoryCorps Senior English Interview 8/19/19

Sunshine, my boyfriend and best friend talks about his life and his experiences at 18 years old.

Pierre et Francine

Familly memories and personal history

Interview with Roddy Yang

An interview discussing life lessons and childhood memories.

Interview discussing childhood with basic questions

In this interview, I interviewed my boyfriend Austin Cunningham. I asked basic questions to which many reflected on our childhood and difficulties we faced as well as good times. We stray away from difficult topics since we felt that we...