Interview with my Mom 6/9/21

My mom shares some happy memories from her past. And offers some sage advice.

We making history

From life in the Philippines to America, how things as a family changed! Life is worth living!

Part 1/2 of my papa and i

Introducing my papa and talking about our past memories as individuals and as a family.

Papa and i

A short interview with my father, talking about our past and what we love in life.

Interview with Mom

I interviewed my mom on her childhood and her life as a whole.

Mrs.Betty Bishop

My granny and I discussed how her life was growing up in a low income household and how she was able to enjoy life as it is and prosper.

Interview with mom

Discussion of our parent - child relationship, and my mother’s relationship with her father.

American Parents

Life experience shared between the Heroffs and Chans. A cross cultural relationship developed between people of separate generations in US. This interview was recorded in memory of Lloyd Heroff.

Official interview

Me and jaci talked about mostly life questions and got personal and was definitely worth it

A Deeper Look Into My Other Half

Got a little deep with my boyfriend. Asked some questions about our relationship and his personal life that we’ve never discussed before.

Interview with my sister

I wanted to ask my little sister how she feels about her life. She is always quiet and keeps everything to her self. There is things that bother her and doesn’t tell anyone. I feel like she wants to tell...

Father and Daughter Interview

I asked my dad questions about himself and his past. He told me some of the dreams he had but never pursued. He also explained what he would tell 20year old him if he had the change.

Time with my Bobbi

Please join me as I soak up the sweet voice and faithful words of my precious Aunt and brilliant friend, Bobbi Kennedy.

Interview with Mom and Dad

I’m in the living room with mom and dad chatting it up

Poppy & Lex

it was my poppy’s birthday today! he’s 73! we talked for a good bit about my grama and his military service.

Helen Powers on Mother's Day 2021

Helen Powers (78) shares part of her life story with her 5 children and husband, Edward Powers, Sr. (78). Children are Thomas Powers (53), Theresa Powers (52), Edward Powers, Jr. (50), Anne Kinsey (49) and Patricia Powers (45). Grandchildren Henry...

My Mamaw <3

My mamaw has taken time out of her day to spend with y’all and to share some about her life.