Practice Session for my Interview

I am interviewing my grandma because I want to know what life was like for her growing up and how it’s different from my life.

Test interview for Kyle Johnson

I will be interviewing my grandfather. He was in the navy and started his own business so he is full of worldly knowledge

Practice story corps interview

I am interviewing my grandma because I feel like she would have some great stories to tell about her life!

Practice for Alaina’s interview

I will be interviewing my grandma. I am interviewing her because she just turned 69 and she loves to tell stories.

Aislinn Kovarik's Practice.

I will be taking the time to be interviewing my Mom. She has been an inspiration to me since I could remember. Through my childhood, she would put herself last to make sure I was happy, along with my brothers....

Lauren Pasipanki’s Practice Interview

I choose to interview my grandpa. I would like to interview him because I would love to hear the stories he has to share

Raven O’Leary practice

I am interviewing my mom, Kim. I wanted to interview her on her nursing career because I think it will spark an interesting conversation.

Iliana Mendez Practice Session

I’m going to be intervening my dad, Jesus. I chose him because i feel like he has a lot of stories to tell me that I’ve never asked him to talk about.

This is a practice session for Faith Taylors interview

I’m going to be interview my mom because she grew up in a different country and I want to learn about her childhood.

This is a practice session for Payton Chandler’s interview

I will interview my Grama because she has a lot to say but doesn’t always say it & has a lot of stories that I want to hear.

This is the practice session for Makayla Baker’s interview

For my interview, I decided to interview my Great-Grandma Rose. I decided to interview my Grandma because she is the oldest living person in my family. My Grandma is 95 years old and grew up during the Great Depression and...

This is the practice session for Lindsey Linard’s interview.

I will interview my Uncle Tony because he has lots of interesting life stories. I want to learn about his fun childhood growing up and our family.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I Gavin, interviewed my mother Sarah about her life. I asked what her earliest memories were. I questioned her about her family growing up. I asked about other family besides just her’s at home. I asked questions about her family....

Interview with my dad

In this interview my dad talks about growing up in Puerto Rico and joining the army. He talks about all the places he traveled to and his favorite memory growing up.

My Father’s Life

This is an interview with my father. He talks about his life, his family, and his job. He says that he likes his life and would not want to change a thing.

StoryCorps Interview

This is an interview with my father Scott Jones. I interviewed my father because he’s a great person and he’s had an interesting life. We talk about his childhood and I ask him various questions.

My Grandmother and Her Jobs

This is a collection of work stories from my grandmother, Diana Grabowski, along with a lot of her personal experiences along the way.

Interview with my brother

I chose to interview my brother who is 21 years old and is a senior at Kent State University. I wanted to interview him because he changed his major and I was wondering how it went. I thought the interview...

Interview with my mom, Christine

I interviewed my mom and asked her questions about her childhood, being a mom and her career.

Zack Gandolf’s Interview

I Interviewed my Dad because he is a huge inspiration in my life. I wanted to learn more about his life growing up. He has taught me how to be respectful and hardworking but also how to have a good...

Interview with my dad

This is an interview with my dad about his childhood and some of his experiences growing up on a farm. We talked about how live was growing up on the farm, and if he wished he grow up somewhere else.

Interview With My Mother

During this interview, my mom answers questions mainly about her life, like her dream as a kid, her traditions growing up, the birth of her kids, the passing of my dad, and more.

An interview with Abuelo

I interviewed my grandfather who immigrated to the U.S. from Peru for my school project.