Uncle; jobs, goals, wishes, struggles, regrets

I learned what my uncle was aiming for when he came to America from Vietnam. He also gave me a small lesson on focusing more on school than making money for now.

My Mom’s Story

My mom talks about her life in Vietnam and how it changed when she immigrated to the U.S. Q1: When and where were you born? A1: I am born in Quang Ngai, Tra Khuc River. Q2: What was life like...

An Interview with A Vietnamese Father

Que Tran describes the hardships and kind of experience he came to coming to American. Through his strength, he was able to create a better life coming to America and details how he made it through all on his alone.

Interviewing my Dad

We talked about my dad’s early life and his current job.

Interview with Mom

She tells stories about her as a kid and how her life was in the Philippines.

Interview with Dad

He tells stories about his childhood & life in the Philippines.

Talking with Mama Luz

This interview was held on June 4, 2018 with my eldest aunt, Luz (Luzviminda). She speaks briefly of her life, important aspects of what make her who she is, and memories of her family, including me, with some assistance of...

Life in the Philippines

my mom and grandma explain life in the PI compared to the US. for context, “nay” is mother in Filipino and my mom translates a little too

Interviewing my mom

My mom tells me a little bit about growing up in Mexico. She then talks about coming to the US. After, she talks about how she met my dad. Finally, she talks about one of the places she worked at...

Life and struggles in America and Vietnam

In this interview, I learned about how my aunt (biological uncle’s wife) struggled in her childhood, how her life changed when she had kids, how different her life would have been if she stayed in Vietnam, and more. I discovered...

Interview with my mama

My mom’s life in El Salvador, dealing with the start of the Civil War, and starting a new life in California with new hope.

A Life of Service, Navy style

My dad’s story about life in Mankato, and joining the Navy with experiences he never would have thought to see.

Talking with Auntie Del

This interview was held on May 27, 2018. In context, my auntie and I were talking while my family and I were visiting her second husband, Uncle Lee, in the hospital. She tells me about her experiences of living in...

Finally learning about my father

He tells me various things that I didn’t expect and every time I speak it’s in my depressingly unappealing voice.

A conversation with my grandmother

She talks about her past and her family and then she addresses this story I’ve been waiting to hear for weeks.