Life time

Just asking him about his childhood and life and what impacted him

Deep convo with my grandmom (xido)!

I was interviewing my grandma and asked her 4 questions. First question I said was “Tell me about your parents” she told me their names which I actually didn’t know until then. She told me that her dad was shot...

“The Cycle” by Gael Hinojosa

Cayde risks his life in order to bring a kid to his family.

English homework

I interviewed two people because I had to make it 20 minutes.oh and for some reason it says say yagemi

Aaliyah’s interview

Well we talked about our family. We also talked about my cousins life and how she grew up,also where she came from.

My Fathers Journey

In this interview I talk to my dad about his journey in life from navy to his childhood and his adulthood. I also learn more things about his life then I had ever known before.

Interviewing Mrs. Murray
November 22, 2017 App Interview

Mrs. Murray told me about her life and I found her to be a very interesting person. I’m so glad I interviewed her and got to learn about her.