Family is everything
January 14, 2019 App Interview

On January 6, 2019, Diego Velazquez interviewed his grandfather Fernando De La Torre who describes his transition to the US from his home in Mexico in the 1960s. Fernando also explains the differences between Mexico and California. In this interview,...

Janelle Spencer-Ramirez and her Grandpa talk about his life before emigrating to Chicago and his life in Chicago

In this inteview with my grandpa, Autemio B. Ramirez, 76 years old, we talked about his life in the Philipines before he emigrated to the United States and his life after he emigrated. We saw the similarities and differences between...

Press Freedom Means Supporting Quality Journalism

I can commit to supporting and sharing quality journalism along with holding my community accountable for news that they share. I can also work with members in my community to ensure that they can discern from fraudulent to factual news.

Me and mum

We talked about how her day in age was different then ours and how we can do better at life.

History of my Grandpa’s childhood.

My grandpa had 2 sisters and 3 brothers growing up. He grew up and when he was 19, he traveled over here to the US. He lived with a friend and starting working for 4 years until he married my...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Me and my grandpa talked about his life in Mexico. We also talked about his life when he moved here to Texas.