Dr. Marilyn Peterson shares her experiences and advice.

Dr. Marilyn Peterson has been as resident of Nebraska all her life and currently resides in Cozad, NE. She was a teacher for all ages and has a passion for learning and leadership and a caring heart.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Got to share a bunch of information. Hopefully it was translated enough

English interview

stories of everything and some yelling

Interview of my DAD

My dad came to America as a young teen. He loves everything and is happy for everything he has.

First thanksgiving of my mom

My mom talked about her first thanksgiving and how she celebrated it. She talked in Spanish just like I did because her English isn’t very well. She explained how she was introduced to thanksgiving, who she spent thanksgiving with for...

Pumpkin pie

Just eating pumpkin pie with my family, while sharing memories.

Practice interview

Practice interview for English. She talked about her greats moment, her life lessons, etc… Sabrina talks about her childhood and things she has learned so far in her life.


I love her she is verry nice