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Kates love life

Kate experienced some serious neck kissing

Immigrant Interview Project

An Interview on an immigrant who migrated to the US from Uruguay

Moon landing

Talking to my step dad about his experience during the 60s

Discussion post 2

Theae are questions about going in depth and learning about the family and childhood of my girlfriends life.

Parent Interview

How life was growing up when she was a kid

My Mind Thinks Different

Mariana, a girl who searches for her real parents in secret and gets in a terriable accident.

Interview with Ashton/Mom

A school project interviewing my mom

My mom

Telling my stuff about her life

Me and my Mommy.
November 26, 2018 App Interview

Me and my mother talked about her childhood, Thanksgiving, holidays, and family.

My Grandpa

I got the idea of interviewing my grandfather from the display case in the family room that showed the Brazill military history. There are photographs of my family during war time. There is a photo of my great great grandfather...