Visions are real

Sharing a personal story about having a vision becoming the mayor of Fort Collins Colorado well shining shoes as a kid.

PLP English II Narative – Orphan to Successful Businessman

This is about my grandfather to grab an orphanage in Hershey Pennsylvania. He spends most of his childhood working on the farm looking cows early morning and occasionally getting to play pick up football with the other boys. Knowing that...

Interviewing grandpa about his orphanage days

Seven year old Dalia interviews her 80 year old grandpa about growing up in a New York orphanage.

My conversation with my mother (spanish only)

The Great Thanksgiving Listen conversation with my mother asking her about her life and how it has changed over the years

Great Thanksgiving interview with my grandmother

What it was like growing up in Texas as an orphan throughout the second world war. It’s amazing how much the past plays into our lives and the ones we love.

An orphan raised on a farm.

My father grew up as an orphan. Because of that he was raised by his older sister and his very old grandfather. He tells the stories of his past and his present and how his childhood influenced him.

Opal’s life
November 19, 2017 App Interview

I interview my grandma mostly about her childhood in a home