Test interveiw

I only asked questions as a test for the app with James

Influenced my learning

How things impacted your life and how you learned from it

Interviewing Caleb

Asking kaleb questions about his life and experiences and how those reflect on him now

Mass Comm 101 Interview

Candice and I decided to dive deep as I picked some more challenging questions to see how she would answer.

Interview With Ajza

In this interview I got to learn about one of my friends. I after this interview I can say I learned a lot about Ajza from this.

Personal Narrative Interview

Our teacher, Ms.Kosover assigned us to interview our partner and ask about the topic, they chose for their personal narrative and other questions.

Katie, who is she?

An interview with my wife Katie about life and memories with me.

Hannah & Hope Yoder

In this interview I discuss my mom’s industry and life lessons learned along the way.

Interview #4

Talked about how he wasn’t sure what type of job his life would lead him into.

Interview w/Taylor

Talked about his life and his views on certain aspects in his life.

StoryCorps Interview 3.3

Kevin and I covered a variety of subjects from life, regrets and religion.