Intrevista de mama

My moms expire lien when with politics and her beliefs.

David and Pedro’s interview

My dad talked about his family and his political views on Mexico and The United States


Things that happen in the United States or do they think United States help people & what do they think about politics

My mom’s story & opinions.

My mom, explains where she grew up and her opinion on politics.

APB Family Politics Interview

Series of Questions for my Parent regarding Their interests in Politics.

Me and my mom interview

A brief summary of me and my mom talking about herself, family, and today society politics. Sorry about the background of hearing my brother playing fortnite.

APB Government Interview

Interview with my mom about how she grew up and how the various factors we talked about in class have affected her, as well as a few others.

Story corps family interview

My mom believes the government should help the people by providing jobs and security.

APB Britny Chavarria

This is an interview done to my grandma to ask about politics.

StoryCorps Family Interview

In this interview we talked about politics in the United States.

Interview assignment

We talked about the politics in America and what was my stepdad’s opinion on it.