Struggles Shine Faith

Teenage girl learns she is pregnant. She gets kicked out of her home and has to adapt to her life without family.

Sharing the gift of life

Sarah shares her struggles about hiding her teen pregnancy and her experience with adoption

A Teen Mom Who Continues Her Journey and Never Quits

Aniya Callaway( age 15 on the right)Interviews her Grandmother; Teresa(age 58 on the left) who explains their family history. Tells us a brief description about her being a teen mom and what she went through. Her dreams as a OBGYN...

How does one person influence your life?

In this interview on September 26,2018 in Bronx, NY, Ashley Herrera interviewed her mother, Arely Flores about her experiences coming to the United States and why she decided to come. She also discussed how her life was different from living...

The Story of My Birth

I sat down with my mom to talk about her birth experience

Sally Jaimes was talking about how she grew up in New York, Bronx and how it was like in 911.

Sally and I talked in our own house in North Carolina on November 26, 2017. We talked about how it was like growing up in New York and life in general. Then we talked about childhood and best friends including...