Austin Izard Interpersonal Communications interview

Discussion of life goals and past were included in this interview. Religion was a more specific topic covered in it too.

Gloria Pare

The life of a child living in the projects during the 50’s.

Tea with Mia and Seb – Exploring loneliness

Sebastien and I are starting a new project and we want to explore loneliness in our society, our hypotheses, and our goals for the project.

Interactive Media US History Assignment

We’re not very interactive in our family, so this was a huge step social-wise

Interview with aunt

I Interviewed my Aunt and I asked her about her life growing up and her life today.

Interview with grandpa

He talked about how it is very important to make the right choices now. Also, that also to be successful in life good enough is never good enough

On Vietnam

My Uncle Dan recalls his teenage years as the news cycle gradually revealed the horrors of the Vietnam war.

Thanksgiving Interview

I am Mahi, I am interviewing my mom to know her better and to get to talk to her more. (All questions were not able to be answered because of the app crashing)

History Project

History project for school

Immigration project
October 26, 2018 App Interview

Over the past few years the number of immigrants in America has increased but most people don’t know why. In this interview a Ghanaian immigrant talks about the reason they moved here

2018 Immigration Project – Mr Robichaud – By David Nguyen

I, David Nguyen, interview my mother, Lan “Tina” Nguyen for a school project on immigration. My mother, Lan, was a Vietnamese immigrant who escaped from the Vietnam War to America years ago as she tells us in this interview.

Oral History Project

I interviewed my mom for an Oral History Project. This is for a Journalism and Magazine writing class at my high school.

Interview with my mom

Had super fun talking to my mom and asking her questions about her job

The Interview With Coach Escobar (Age Range- 25 to 40)

This interview was for a project for one of my high school classes.