Just Another Interview

Basic to more in depth questions about them and our friendship.

Tell Me A Story

This interview is about me asking my cousin a few questions about herself.

My Family

We spend hours on end reliving moments in our lives. This is a small snippet of my family. We are also very loud, so be catious when listening in headphones or big speakers.

A day in the life

Just chatting about why we’re here.

Angela s

We talk about random stuff(mostly about childhood)


This was our second attempt at our first story corps interview!

Questions with an 8 yr old

We did this as an assignment, just random questions from me and my mini me

Kitchen chat

My wife and I meander our way through a ridiculous conversation while she prepares a snack.

Interview for IREAD 320

I asked Hunter random questions that I thought would be fun and interesting to talk about.