Class Interview

Class selected questions between two co teachers.

Anne & Jay Cobb’s 60th Wedding Anniversary: Sept 2019

How Anne & Jay Cobb met, fell in love and were married 60 years ago. The qualities that they value in each other. Their advice to others for a successful marriage.

Interview w/Iza

Learning more about the fascinating Izabella 🙂

Mom’s 60th Birthday

Mom talks about her life and what she has learned

Larry & Bill

Bill & Larry tell the story of how they met, discuss the importance of finding a supportive community in Ferndale, Michigan, and reflect on how things have changed for the LGBTQ community over the last 50 years.

Emaline Edson; MSA

A Missouri Scholars Academy project about recording and listening to each other’s stories.

The life of a Manhattan Project child.

My grandma’s father worked as a scientist for the Manhattan project at Hanford, WA. This is the story of my grandma’s relationship with her father and the complications that occurred because of it.

“Lessons in the Car with Dad”, Marvin Carter

I sat and listened to Marvin Carter, my advisor, speak about his father and his living with terminal illness, and how that, in turn, developed their personal relationship.

Just gotta push yourself to be you all the time.

A brief conversation between two Black non-binary people (one who is also trans-identifying) and their struggles with society, growing up and coming to understand gender identity, expression & sexuality.

Student leader’s perspective on being a Builder

Tessa Castor describes her experience at Southwestern College and all the tough challenges that come with going to college. Castor also explains what it means to her to be a Builder.

Who is Sam?

We discuss the dynamic of our relationship and life experiences that shaped sams life.

Talks with Mom

I asked her a few questions about her life & herself.


Abby and I were interviewing basically about things of about her self.