Outer Banks

Friend tried to heroically save people caught up in riptide. Had to save friend when he became victim.

A Winter Swim in Lake Michigan
November 29, 2018 App Interview

Jon Uzel interviews his father, Paul Uzel – July 4th 2018 This is an account of how Paul managed to end up in Lake Michigan in the winter when he was still a college student.

Napoli airplane crash 1952

My Dad’s recollection of the Napoli plane crash that was written about in the book “Hang On and Fly”, about the crashes that changed airplane regulations.

Jack Jones saved a life

Jack Jones (Big Jack) was just ordinary kid from Memphis, TN, when a normal day took terrifying turn that caused him to take action and save a life. He saved his friend’s life and was awarded for his bravery. His...

The Impact of Animals

I interviewed Ms. Jennifer McCoy, an art teacher at East High School, on February 13th, 2018. We talked about the dogs she has rescued and how they’ve had an impact on her. The purpose of this interview was to support...