The first day of school

How was his first day experiences and did everything go smoothly or tough.

Cousins get into family information

I ask my cousin a question about her daily life

First Day of School
September 23, 2019 App Interview

Interviewing my classmate Destiny on the first day of school

First Day of School

Francesca’s first day of high school

Daniela’s first day of school
September 23, 2019 App Interview

She talked about her first day of school and how she made her first friend

first day of school
September 23, 2019 App Interview

interviewing zoia on her first day of school

Mary’s First Day

Mary’s first day of school at 11th grades do her transition from a private school to a public school.

First day of school

Experience of first day of school

Interview of Kayla Lemonds

In this interview, I ask my sister some questions about life, school, and situations in her life that she has overcome.

Jessica and Clayton’s life chats

Talking about growing up in cornfields, getting suspended from school, defacing a minivan with a rock, and working with kids.

Why did you come to Nau?

Gianna chose Nau because it offers a big campus with a smaller campus feel. The environment differs from her hometown in San Francisco.

Giovanni’s first day of Nau

Today, Giovanni talked about his first day of school. Overall it sounds like he had a great day.

Get to know each other

Getting to know the people in the class.

101-Year-Old Arnold Duevel Talks about a Century of Life

Arnold Duevel talks about growing up in Central Minnesota. Born in 1918, he shares vivid memories of his childhood and teen-aged years. A decorated World War II veteran, Arnold has led a long and momentous life.

Humanities Interview

Amanda discusses her favorite memory from her first day of NAU classes and Dania talks about why she chose to study at NAU.

Humanities 195 (Fall 2019)

Why did you choose NAU? Why is college important to you?

Teacher Interview

A brief interview to get to know Mr.Green