To Future Generations

We talked about the values and lessons that Erik has learned growing up. We also discussed his hope for future generations and what he wants to teach to the kids/teens he interacts with or in general.

Interview with Grandparents

This interview was amazing I am absolutely grateful and blessed to be able to interview my grandparents and learn a lot of interesting things that I never knew about.

Birth of a Sibling

Questions about pregnancy, naming of my sister and more


I asked my little sister questions on how she feels about all around her

Middle school thoughts

We discussed the thoughts of how it feels to be a teenager

Inside My little brother’s mind

Kitty Wagner And Willie Wagner talk about Willie education experience as well as his idols and musical experience.

Isaura and josh Vance

Today we talked about some of Josh’s fondest and scariest memories


Sharing thoughts and feelings about life and what it’s like to be a sibling. (Originally recorded on November 26, 2018)

Ancestry DNA Gave My Mother a New Family

When most people order a DNA test kit, they expect to find that they are less Irish than their family claimed to be. My mother, on the other hand, accidentally uncovered her biological father and discovered a new Jewish identity.

Interviewing My 6 Year Old Brother

I interviewed my brother (as well as asked a few questions to my 15 year old sister) about his life and his thoughts on his age difference between him and his siblings.

Diego’s Interview

I interviewed my little brother Diego Reyes today. It was fun just sitting down and talking!

On growing and maturing

I, Paula, interview my mom, Maria, in a short recalling of her life and what she’s learned growing older. We talk about her house life with 3 siblings, her transition from college to high school, and what she’s enjoyed and...

Learning about my brother

We talked about his childhood and how growing up for my brother was. We also talked about family and life lessons.

Mayali Nelson and Alexandra Jones

In this interview we discussed the sibling relationship dynamics and how that influences one’s roles in socializing with others. We explored roles, norms, and how Mayali has adapted.

Diana Schwartz Interview

I have a conversation with my sister about her life. Her challenges and accomplishments have helped sculpt me, and I wanted to understand her better.