Intervuing Nana
December 10, 2018 App Interview

We talked about what she did for chores as a child and her grandparents.


An interview with my grandfather regarding his journey with Parkinson’s disease.

Finding out about grandma

My grandma has a great childhood and a great love life when she got older. Her husband died from cancer and I got to hear what it was like for her.


We talked about hardships and good times, I learned a lot about my papa.

One Day at a Time

I interview my grandmother, a three-time-cancer survivor in remission, about her struggle with cancer, life philosophy, and her faith in God.

A story of Amy’s life

A story of a mothers life and the transitions and challenges she faced

An Interview with Trish Irvin by Sarah Martin

An amazing of how to get through adversity and misfortune. Many people face challenges in there everyday life, but this particular lady has been through more than anyone could imagine! This is about a women named Trish Irvin. About her...

Jessica’s Journey

In this story ypu will get to hear about my life and the hardships that I’ve dealt with, the crazy adventures I had as a kid, and my current life.