Social Media Influencer, Cameron Hadley, Gives His Real Thoughts on Social Media

Cameron Hadley spoke about his internet experience & how he’s made a life out of the internet.

Beth and Kayla

Life lessons are important and friendship is special.

Social Media in 2019

Arthur is talks about how social media is affecting this generation in 2019

When Worlds Know

I interview my partner Isaac on social media’s affect on teenagers

Social Media’s impact

In this interview, we discussed the impact on social media on Americans today.

France vs US

This interview was conducted at the interviewees house, in Erie Colorado on May 20th 2019. Kara Jensen is interviewing her french mother about growing up in France, about moving to the United States, and about historical events that occurred in...

Karen Lee and Jason Leclerc

Participants (strangers) Karen Lee and Jason Leclerc talk about influential people in their childhood and what made them into the people they are today. Jason is a religious Christian and Karen is a secular atheist.

Shannon shares her wisdom around mind-body connection, and her journey losing her hair through chemotherapy.

Shannon has great wisdom with the mind-body connection. In this interview she shares her experiences with losing her hair during chemo and how others react to the changes. We also discuss connecting to community through social media, and how our...

Interview with Gage Fogt

Interview talking about the impact of social media in school, and the differences between Oklahoma City and Edmond schools.

Discussion highlighting some of the challenges women face in society.

This interview discusses some of the main questions from my informal research on the topic of feminism in today’s society.

Mel Pine and Marty Handlon

Mel Pine (72) and his One Small Step conversation partner, Marty Handlon (54), talk about their desire to contribute to their communities, their sons, and the importance of mental health and fostering relationships.

Effective News

The information I discussed in my interview was mainly how the news effects people life. Also, the news is moving to social media a lot more.

Effect of Technological Advancements and Social Media on Modern Society

Discussing the effects of social media and how information technology has evolved over the years pertaining to how we learn and communicate as a society. Discussing possible solutions and things to keep in mind while living in such impersonal/anonymous times...

how a boyband shaped our career paths.

we discuss how growing up with social media and loving One Direction led us to our desired career paths and what it means to be a fan in the internet age.

The affects of Social media on health and society

VCU Biology major Madelyn Via gives her insight on the affects of social media on health

MASC101 Media Project

I sat down with my (very outspoken) step dad and asked him what he thought about today’s technology and media changes

Meiner Mutter

Just a short interview with someone

Empathy Interview

I spoke with Lauren about the concern of social media and the negative effects it has on people. We incorporated mental illness and cyberbulling into the discussion because of it’s recently become a huge issue.

Life, Love, and Your Own Path

A discussion of what I have learned as a young woman so far and what advice I can give to others about life, love, and finding yourself and your story.