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GIMNASIOS BARCELONA – Gimnasio donde podrás practicar las mejores clases de yoga, pilates, artes marciales y entrenamiento personal en barcelona. gimnasio barcelona gimnasios baratos barcelona clases pilates barcelona clases yoga barcelona artes marciales barcelona entrenador personal barcelona padel barcelona Te...

College football pay players or no

We talked about college athletes and pro athletes on if they should make money in college and should there be a cap on the salaries in pro sports.

Zach’s Interview

We talked about the businesses within the sports industry.

The Life of Zach Blahnik

A quick interview to hear the first 26 years of Zach Blahnik’s life.

Lee Kempf’s childhood in Madison, Wisconsin and his Military service.

Lee Kempf talks about his childhood in Madison, Wisconsin during the depression and his military service in Okinawa.

My Australian Friend

This is an interview on my friend wesely who is from Australia and he talks about his life and career here in the United States.

Interview with grandpa about his life

We talked about many different years throughout his life. We first started talking ab his life as a child then about his life while he was in his Middle Ages. We then talked about his life after he retired up...

2nd is Great

Hard work builds up to one meet. One relay that has great chances of winning faces adversity, and races their hearts out.

Practice Interview

With my friend Will Thompson and talking about his future.

Practice interviews with Sami

Sami and I talk mostly about his life,traveling, and sports. I am a nice experience to listing to what Sami has to say.

Practice Interview

I ask my friend about his life and what he wants to do when he is older.

Practice Interview

I ask a little about my friends life and what he wants to do when he is older.

Ethnographic Exercise 2

For my interviewed I, Alex Martin, worked with Garrett Hall in Lamson Library in Plymouth State University. We discussed the meaning of religion to him and branched on to the meaning of sports as a religion for him and took...

Research in Media Comm – Trent

We discuss Trent’s childhood, hobbies, and his future dreams.