Humanities Interview

This interview between Logan Szott and his mother Heather Szott covers Heather’s personal history growing up in L.A. and beyond, connecting to multiple historical events, cultural trends, and personal experiences. The interview contains segments of Heather’s early life with her...

Teaching the Future: Technology in the Classroom

Three students interview the Computer Science teacher at NUAMES High School about his life and how school has changed from technology

Star Wars en profundidad.

Una mirada a fondo junto a un experto en el tema.

Talking Star Wars

My friend and fellow Star Wars geek, Rebekah Saylors, joined me to talk about the movie and impact it has had.

Jack Prahinski interviewing John Prahinski (father), talks about life role models to the best Star Wars movie.

In January 2018, Jack Prahinski (14) Interviewed his mother John Prahinski (50) in Lynchburg, VA. We talked about his father as his life role model who were his mother and his father. We talked about the best moments of his...

Memories, Life, and Star Wars

Lauren Augusta talks about her favorite memory of Isaac Wallace and gives her self advice and gets excited about Star Wars