Home Away From Home

14 year old Chris Durant interviewed his aunt, Dinora Durant on her early years in Honduras and then some of her life in Brooklyn, New York. When I asked Dinora what she did in her summers she told Chris about...

Mark Smith’s Challenging Childhood and Profound Career

In this interview Brodie Young-Smith interviews his father, Mark Smith. On November 27, 2018 14 year old Brodie interviews his father and asks him about many significant things in his life including his childhood and his professional career. In the...

The great listen me and my dad

I asked my dad about his life and experiences

Interviewing my grandmother about her life

In this interview, conducted in November 2018, Mackenzie Cashman interviews her grandmother, Linda Cashman, about her life. Linda shares how she grew up with her family owning a boat yard, and how it affected her. She also talks about the...

The great listen: Kay

For the great listen I decided too interview the best grandma ever! She was a bit nervous and tried too be as serious as she could…. However every now and then she asked me too pause it so she could...

The Great Listen

I asked my dad a lot of questions about his life and his biggest milestones.

The Great Listen

I talk to my grandfather about his childhood memories and his thanksgiving traditions.

The Great Listen

Omar and I discuss his life and and his journey furthur in his life as he lives in the United States.

Practice Interview

Aliya and Rebecca talk about there past memories as a child.

practicing w/ grace;))
November 20, 2018 App Interview

During this interview Grace and I talked about people in her life that impacted her and how. We also discussed memories that impacted her life and could have changed it.

The difference in culture between generations.

Im talking with my grandfather today about the cultural difference between our generations.

Interview with Great Grandmother, Sedonia Givens, Part 1

This is the interview conducted by Jacquelyn Simmons on Thanksgiving, 2017. In this interview, Sedonia discusses her family tree. She provides details going all the way back to slavery days. She also discusses occupations that she had during her lifetime.

Nana Interview

I am interviewing my Nana about various events of her childhood and life.

Jazmine Peterson interviews Tomas Woodruff about being in the navy.

My grandfather served in the navy. He was a jet engine machanic. He lived during the civil rights era.

Grandpa Chet Gives Advice on Spirtuality and Encoragement to Help Others

Listen to grandpa Chet share his experience with spirituality and positivity. He shares his motivation to help people and how he values Christianity. He also expresses how much family means to him and how spending time with them is vital....

Ripley Keller interviews Nigiel Keller about early life

Chicago, Illinois. 11/22/17, Ripley Keller and Nigiel Keller. We talked mostly about early childhood and growing up, and things that shaped your personality. I am 16 years old and my cousin Nigiel is 30.

Family to Family
November 29, 2017 App Interview

Mr. Smith moved from his blood brother caring for him to his adopted family.

Anna Howell interviews Jay Goodrow

In this interview Anna Howell interviews her grandmother’s boyfriend, Jay. He shares stories from his childhood and early adulthood. Topics like people he appreciates, the decision to rase a family instead of work, and that one time a dock almost...