Getting To Know My Mom

This Interveiw was about getting to know my mom we talk about her success in life while she does her favorite thing to do which is hair as she continue on with her interview she enforces me to look after...

Asia interviews her grandfather, John Allen Ashford and learns more about his life.

In this interview, made on December 19th, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Asia interviews her grandfather John. They talk about his parents and how he got his name. Asia learned that her grandfather didn’t finish high school and was very active...

Miguel Corales get interviewed by Alexa Corales #thanksgivinglisten

*Interview in Spanish* student, Alexa Corales interviews the amazing and difficult life of Miguel Angel Corales Lira. Many unknown facts are discovered as we dive deeper into the life of Miguel and all the obstacles he has needed to face.

Interview with Nana
December 31, 2018 App Interview

This interview is me interviewing my Nana about her life and lessons that she has learned.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018

My dad and I speak about his life growing up and how he got to this point in his life. He shares important life lessons and special anecdotes of his life.

Judy Anderson Interview
December 29, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in December of 2018 in Flemington, New Jersey, Jillian Taylor (15) interviews her Nana Judy Anderson (77) about her life and how she hopes to be remembered. Judy Anderson shares stories from her childhood and describes...

Marilyn Thurn interview by Ashtyn Gluck

We discussed family members and stories associated with them. We also discussed friends and neighbors.

Grammy’s Stories

An interview with my grandmother about what it was like for her growing up.

Christian Fera and his mom Michelle Fera talk about growing up.

In this interview, conducted on in November 2018 in whitewater, Wisconsin Christian Fera (14) interviews his mom michelle Fera (46)about her childhood and growing up. She shares family and how she grew up.

Shikevioni latham interview toccurra pates she is my mother. We talked about her life and me.

Well we talked about life and what could we do to make it better or has made it better. In this journal called life we have made some mistake but God has really been there for us to be a...

Ashleigh McKinney and her mother Tanya McKinney talk about Tanya’s American Dream in relation to her coming of age.

In this interview, conducted on November 2018 in Cleveland, Mississippi, Ashleigh McKinney (15) interviews her mother Tanya McKinney (50) about her American Dream. Tanya shares stories about her coming back of age. They laugh at her experiences. At the end...

Brooke Mitcham and My Uncle Joseph are Talking About Love, Life, and Family

My Uncle and I talked about his love life and his grandparents. We also talked about his disease and how it has changed his life and others around him. He talked about his great grandparents and his grandparents. We talked...

Other than that, I don’t know

She doesn’t know anything other than this. Mattie burrage talks about life growing up in Mississippi and her move to Michigan. She explains what it was like moving forward. Through out she tells funny,scary and heart warming stories you wouldn’t...

Ockhyreia Merrill And Latosha Jackson talk about Childhood!

This was a deep and inspirational interview. It tells you about my mom’s life, earlier years and currently.

Ja’kalia Ingram and her cousin Ja’kerria Malone talks about growing up in school, life, family, memories, and working

We talked about the motors she had with her siblings and her cousins. Ja’kerria looked up to her sister the most. We both laughed at some the memories she shared with me. We were both being goofy throughout the interview....

From Sicily to America
December 10, 2018 App Interview

Salvatore Biondo, Sr., is an immigrant from Sicily who came to America when he was twelve years old. In this interview, his granddaughter Alyssa prompts him to recount his unique stories of growing up.

Interview with Grandma Tuch

I interviewed my grandma, Marlene Tuch, about her childhood, school, and family.

Talking to my mom about her life.

From earliest memories in the 1940’s to the civil rights movement in the 1960’s American south to thoughts about the future beyond 2018 Nancy talks about her life and points of view.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I Gavin, interviewed my mother Sarah about her life. I asked what her earliest memories were. I questioned her about her family growing up. I asked about other family besides just her’s at home. I asked questions about her family....