Final Project

This is a great time with my dear friend. I learned several things about Lisa that I didn’t know before.

Nanny 21 May 2019

My great aunt Nanny, adopted by my grandfather’s family during WWII, shares her thoughts and memories about that time and her life.

Vicky’s view on spirituality

Vicky has experienced tramatic events over the years and talks about how her spiritual views have changed and morphed through them all.

Sitting down with Papa

My father and I discussed his journey to this place and time in his life. As well as his thoughts about this country(United States) and how he has grown as a person.

Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my mother’s life until this point. Also what the future looks like for her.

Interview 1
September 20, 2018 App Interview

Emily duck asked Skylar Sexton tons of questions.

Interview with Hoang Tran

This interview tells my dad’s past and key memories that have shaped him today. In this recording he reflects on his past choices and learns from them later on his life.

A Talk with Ibrahim Seremet

In this interview, conducted on November 2017 in Ashburn, Virginia, Layanne Seremet interviews her father, Ibrahim Seremet about his life. He shares stories about his life as a Bosnian immigrant who worked hard to reach were he is today.

My mothers story

My mother talked about her life and her childhood. After asking her personal questions about her past, she began to shed tears remembering what she lived through to give us everything. Towards the end of the interview, Both of my...

Sarah Strawser interviews her mother, Lisa Bates, about the traumatic death of her best friend.

Lisa Strawser recalls the events of her best friend’s death and gives meaningful advice and words about taking people for granted and how short life is.

“From one country to another.”

The interview is me questioning my mom about things in her life as well as things about me.

Gary and Gail Bedford, Minersville, PA

Due to a glitch, interview begins halfway through the Kennedy assasination, and covers their experiences of that, the moon landing, and 9/11.