We ask active duty content writer! What is good content?

From the conclusion, the content that users are satisfied with is “good content”. Media that provides content that users are satisfied can earn the trust of users, and sales and repeaters increase. The lasting relationship with the client is also...

My Happiest Achievement

Pramita interviews Rachel on her achievement of winning an award for her writing.

Four Key Points for Writing Dialogue

In creative writing workshops, aspiring writers are told to make their dialogue natural, to make it sound like real life dialogue, and not stilted. New authors are told to listen to other people’s conversations to get a feel for speaking...

Interview with Ashley Davies on 3/25

This is an interview with Ashley Davies, an amazing professor on the CSU campus, where she talks about her life experiences, what she has learned, and how she has grown throughout her life.

"I feel like…I'm covering the tracks of my ancestors." – Steve tells us how family ties led him to Richmond

Steve talks about his family history, his ties to Richmond and Indiana, and how we views “community” and human relationships. A writer and spiritual truth-seeker, Steve shares his views on life in this two-part interview.

My Daughter and I

I sat down and interviewed my daughter about family connections and writing.

Life Story interview with Austin Phillips, his mother, Beth Phillips and his grandmother, Pat Phillips.

A writing contest was held for the 5th grade class at All Saints Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Out of 17 students, Austin won the contest and received $500 towards his elementary tuition by the contest sponsor, Heritage Life Story...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Today I sat down with my mom to talk about and remember my grandma Alma

Kevin Fuller’s interview

This interview is Kevin fuller asking his mom a few questions

Pursuing Creativity

An interview between a mother and her daughter about finding creative inspiration and pursuing a career in art.

Interview with Dr. Clinton Peters

We talked about writing and what skills it takes to become a writer. We also talked about his work as an author.

Music Education and Performance

Interviewing a former student of McNally Smith College before it closed abruptly. The impact of college and influence of music are discussed as well as the connections and relationships related to college/music life.

Guidelines for effective academic writing

There are some tips are very reliable for academic writing Introduction There are many illustrations for professional writers or academic carrier they have producing the professional documents and coursework assistance is very necessary. They have given the few fact while...

Get Professional Academic Writing Service in UK

Do you have an essay writing deadline around the same time as important social events? Life has a tendency of doing that, which is why you should always be ready with essay writing services UK. Our renowned writers have graduated...

5 Tips to Structure an Essay

The word, “Why” is often used in essay questions in order that students can convey their knowledge, reasoning, and understanding of a specific subject. It requires students to analyze the process rather than just writing a list of reasons. Here...

Retirement ~ Time is Golden

An interview with my retired parents in our backyard….we cover retirement, following your passions, a new concept of time, a new bond with each other, the burdens of home ownership, the differences between Western & tribal cultures, and future plans.