Interview with grandpa Bruno

Grandpa talking about WW2 and business. Also talks about his childhood and his parents.

Interview with Doreen

Interview with Doreen, a mother, teacher, and survivor of WW2 bombing raids of London.

A young Jewish girls view growing up after WW2

In this interview I talked with my grandmother about her experiences with racism growing up in the 50’s. We also discussed how her perspective changed when she moved to Santa Monica.

My Grandmother Interview

We talked about what it was like growing up during World War 2 and what her childhood was like in Tiptonville.

My Interview

We talked about what it was like during WW2, what my great grandfather did in WW2, and what her childhood was like.

Life in Louisiana

My grandma was in 1941 and she grew up during WW2. And she remembers seeing soldiers walk down the roads to the nearest fort. Her husband Robert (Bob) is a focal point of her life. And she lived in Louisiana.

My grandfathers childhood

In conclusion my grandfather survived through the Great Depression survived WW2 enlisted in korean army in 1950 had four children and 12 grandchildren now lives a peaceful life

My grandfather and I discuss, growing up in Brooklyn during the Great Depression, his time spent at a naval academy, and his life in AL.
November 25, 2018 App Interview

Today I spoke with my grandfather about his memories from the Great Depression, his time spent in the Navy, and the most impactful moment in his life. I learned so much through this experience and look forward to making more...

Dylan PK interviews grandparents Myra and Bob Kraus

All about World War II, growing up, what life was like in the 1950s and on.

“Tell me about Grandpa and the war.”

I interviewed my mother about my grandfathers post war experience. It was very interesting to hear about his experiences.

Rudolph Haas WW2 Veteran

Today we talked with my grandfather about his experience with being in the army during world war two.

Interview with my Grandfather.

His life living under Mussolini and the Nazis in his town in Italy, and moving to the United States.