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Interview with Daniel Ackah

A brief interview about life in Africa vs. the USA,African Culture, and the life of my father Daniel Ackah

Angela Goudy Interview

Interview with Angela Goudy about the 2000's

Eric Goudy Interview

Interview with Eric Goudy about the 2000's

Emanoil Interview

Emanoil Pancu talks about his opinions and experiences during the 2000's decade.

The 2000s with Justin Lee

This is an interview of my friend Justin Lee about his experiences in the 2000s.

Nelida Gonzalez Interview

This interview is with registered nurse Nelida Gonzalez.

Dr. Antonio Gonzalez Interview

This was an interview with 64 year old Antonio Gonzalez, father of Joseph Gonzalez.

2000's Interview- Jack Moylan

In this interview, various political topics throughout the 2000's were discussed including 9/11, The Election of 2000, the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and more. Jack Moylan expresses his opinions and thoughts on these topics based on his experiences in the...

2000s interview- Kirstin Ulrich

I interviewed Kirstin Ulrich about the 2000s decade. Some of the topics included social media, the Iraq and Afghanistan war, and music of the 2000s.

2000s interview- Becky Richards

I interviewed Becky Richards about the 2000s decade. Some of the topics included 9/11, the Great Recession, Hurricane Katrina, and more.