Childhood Interview

Today I interviewed my sister we had a limited time so my apologies for all the mishaps!! at the very end I was cut off with a power outage but decided to go on with this interview because of the...

Flashback on childhood

We talked about what it was like living in Amanda’s childhood and what it was like as a twin.

Thanksgiving listen

On life experiences and what was learned.

Alesha and Jake Gelsone

What was talked about was Alesha’s childhood and how loving she is. Me and my brother Vinny would never be anywhere without her fantastic childhood and mom powers

Talking Greekness, Parenthood, and an Interracial Future

I interviewed my father, Vasilios Vikatos, on his upbringing in America as a Greek immigrant, raising his children as equals, marrying a Korean woman and having mixed children, measures of success, and the costs and benefits of a culturally, ethnically...

Upbringings in China, Japanese Culture, and 9/11: Stories from My Dad, Zijiang Yang

My dad and I discuss his childhood experiences of family life and academics in China, and how they differed from mine in America. We reflect on his career pursuits as a police officer, tour guide, and sushi chef due to...

Grandma Interview Translation

Translation of my interview with my grandma

Harjot Singh – Grandma Interview

I interviewed my grandmother and asked her about her childhood and what she thinks I will do in the future

Childhood influences

Talks about growing up with many different cultures and costing Vietnam

A Discussion about Childhood and Education – Then and Now

In this interview with my dad, we talk about his childhood and educational experience. We discuss some of the challenges my dad faced from living in a small town, and how he overcame those obstacles. We also talk about how...

My Mother and the Art World

This is an Interview with my mother as she discusses her childhood, the art world, and how her experiences as a part of it have influenced her career.

Interview #1

Jean Koenig is a close family friend that I interviewed. I interviewed her about her childhood, her opinions, and her life.

Karen Abaya and her mother Elenita Abaya talk about her life growing up in the Philippines

In this interview, Karen Abaya interviews her mother Elenita Abaya in their home in Westfield, New Jersey about her life in the Philippines. Elenita shares stories about what her school system was like and the crazy rules she had to...

Interview with my Mother

I sat down with my mom and asked her how her childhood was and questions regarding her life story.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Moé Caruso and Yayoe Nakamura’s (grandmother) interview on December 5, 2019.

Getting to know My moms life and childhood

This is about my moms life now and her childhood. It also about me getting to know my mom better as a person.

My Great Thanksgiving Listen With My Mom

My mom and i talking about my future and her childhood

The story of my mom, Corey Byrne.

This was an interview I had with my mom. Despite the multiple technical issues we had at first with the microphone, we got finally got an interview. I learned numerous things about my mom and I would love to share...

Family History 2

The history of the childhood of my mimi and papa.